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    Traveling Wilburys


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    Traveling Wilburys Empty Traveling Wilburys

    Message  bd le Ven 4 Nov - 2:16:28

    Band: Traveling Wilburys
    Album: Vol 3

    Traveling Wilburys Pbucket

    Release date: October 29 1990

    Album produced by Spike and Clayton Wilbury
    All tracks are credited to the Traveling Wilburys

    Spike Wilbury (George) - Lead vocals guitars, mandolin, sitar, backing vocals. Clayton Wilbury (Jeff Lynne) - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals. Muddy Wilbury (Tom Petty) - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, backing vocals. Boo Wilbury (Bob Dylan) - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, backing vocals.


    Buster Sidebury (Jim Keltner) - Drums, percussion
    Ray Cooper - Percussion
    Jim Horn - Saxophone
    Gary Moore - Lead guitar (She's My Baby)

    In 1990 the fashion was heavy metal and house but it was also the year of "The Wall Live in Berlin" the year of the first MTV unplugged the year The Byrds reunited to perform at a LA tribute to Roy Orbison, and were joined on stage by Bob Dylan, who sings "Mr Tambourine Man" the year Jeff Lynne released his debut solo album with guests like George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Jim Horn, the year Bob Dylan released his "Under the Red Sky" and Gary Moore his "Still Got the Blues" album, also the year when The Wilburys were back with their second album which they called "vol 3" and for the occasion, they decided to change the name of their characters and sometimes I wonder what their father Charles Truscott Wilbury would have thought.

    Their replies to the eternal question "why no vol 2" were in the usual frivolous spirit of the group: "the demand for vol 2 was too big and we were under pressure so we preferred to make vol 3 instead" "the tapes of vol 2 were stolen" or "it's a printing error". George (who according to the other members was the unofficial leader of the group) suggested: "because we couldn't think of the next number to follow the one". Personally I tend to believe it was because in 1990 a 36 minutes bootleg called "vol 2" with outtakes and extended versions from the sessions of April/May 1988 appeared. That would totally explain the dry humour of calling their second album "vol 3".

    The recording sessions took place at a private studio in Bel Air, California in April/May 1990. From the first chords they played to the final mix the whole thing took them six weeks. One song "Nobody's Child" was released separately as a charity single in aid of the "Romanian Angel Appeal". The Dylan fans appreciate this album as he kind of dominate it with his lead vocals. Because he was always on tour he was asked to put some lead vocals on every tracks so they could mix them later wherever they thought it'd be best for the song and the result is his voice is everywhere. According to George Harrison: "his voice was so good it wasn't easy to erase it". However George Harrison doesn't sing an entire song on "vol 3" although he is very present as a musician. There was an Harrison song, recorded at the sessions, called "Maxine" and a Dylan song called "Like A Ship" which were left off "vol 3" and were finally released on "The Traveling Wilburys Collection" in 2007. These outtakes are on the "vol 4" bootleg.

    Most people prefer "vol 1" but I know people that prefer "vol 3" arguing that it's more "pop" than "vol 1" and the compositions are more solid. Personally although I tend to listen to "vol 1" more I like "vol 3" a lot. "She's My Baby" has Clayton, Muddy, Boo, and Spike Wilbury singing with Gary Moore on lead guitar. I mean what more can we ask for? It's followed by the catchy "Inside Out" which is a personal favorite. “If You Belonged To Me” is a standout track by Boo it's up to his standards circa "Blood on the Tracks". "Devil's Been Busy" features nice lyrics and has Muddy, Spike, Boo, and Clayton Wilbury on vocals with some sitar by Spike. "7 Deadly Sins" is an old school-like doo-wop by Boo with Jim Horn on sax. "Poor House" is a country rock à la Wilburys. "Where Were You Last Night?" is another Boo song followed by the bluesy "Cool Dry Place" with Muddy on lead vocals and it's damn good. "New Blue Moon" a rockabilly thing by Clayton with Boo in the chorus. “You Took My Breath Away” with Muddy on lead vocals can be seen as a special homage to Lefty (and with some imagination we can almost hear his croon) featuring some beautiful slide by Spike. Speaking of Lefty I'm sure he would have approved of "Wilbury Twist". It's a Muddy's joke that makes a great final track to "vol 3" and which obviously was single worthy.

    To compare "vol 3" to "vol 1" just saying "vol 3" didn't live up to "vol 1" and blah blah blah just seems wrong to me. As we have seen in the previous review it all started naturally spontaneously just some friends making music together and they happened to be good at that but there were no plans or anything. Then Roy Orbison who was a key member of the group passed away and they came back with this "vol 3" which they dedicated to him and of course it was different. Many of us may have been a little disappointed when we first listened to it but fortunately the compositions were solid and the album grew on us over time. It's the kind of thing to be appreciated more in retrospect as it's both an homage and a farewell. Listen to it... and listen to "vol 1".


    She's My Baby
    Inside Out
    If You Belonged to Me
    The Devil's Been Busy
    7 Deadly Sins
    Poor House
    Where Were You Last Night?
    Cool Dry Place
    New Blue Moon
    You Took My Breath Away
    Wilbury Twist

    Traveling Wilburys Pbucket

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