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    Bob Dylan


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    Bob Dylan Empty Bob Dylan

    Message  bd le Jeu 28 Oct - 23:55:27

    Artist: Bob Dylan
    Album: Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan Bobdylan_1st_album_1962

    Released: March 19 1962

    If you're already familiar with Dylan's 1960's and 1970's albums but you never heard his debut album you'll be flabbergasted when you'll hear it. Indeed this was a small budget album (around 400$) and Bob's contributed only two of his compositions and the rest was traditional songs. The overall sounds kinda like a live in studio. Very different compared to what his next album "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" will sound like. Although he performed since 1959 in 1962 Dylan was still learning the ropes and knew nothing about the recording business. So if you're not already familiar with it this album will probably sound like a collection of unfinished demos to you.

    The album was recorded on 20 and 22 November 1961 at the Columbia studios in New York and released on March 19 1962. Bob Dylan is alone with his acoustic and harmonica on all tracks and John H Hammond (the man who signed him to Columbia records) is producing. 17 songs were recorded and 13 retained for the recording. 3 songs were released on the official bootleg series number one.

    The 3 songs that are on the BS1 are: "He Was A Friend Of Mine" (which was a fine tune signed by Dylan I think it's incredible that it was not retained in the final track-list) "Man On The Street" and "House Carpenter". The 4th one is a tune that's never been released anywhere: "Ramblin' Round" (a Woody Guthrie tune).

    This album is a mix of several influences mainly folk country blues and bluegrass. As it contains only two Dylan's originals it is often considered a minor album. Dylan is forcing his vocals on some tracks. As a 20 year old chap he was stubborn and would not listen to Hammond advices to do different takes on some tracks. One can feel that Dylan just wanted to be done with it as soon as possible but in the process managed to reinvent some traditional folk songs with new arrangements.

    Also one can wonder if he didn't actually regret that track-list after the album was out because in all honesty some of these songs are just mediocre and so are their arrangements. However a few pearls have been recorded like "Baby Let Me Follow You" (that will be recorded later by the Animals but with a different title: "Baby Let Me Take You Home" ). "Song to Woody" a tribute to his mentor. "Man Of Constant Sorrow" and the old classic "In My Time of Dyin".

    I'm personally not very fond of his "House of the Risin' Sun" cover but I know people who are. The story I heard is Dave Von Ronk used to play it in Greenwich Village clubs and coffeehouses with special arrangements that he made. Dylan was fond of Von Ronk arrangements and asked him if he could record the song on his first album but Von Ronk reply was "no" because he intended to record it himself. In the end Dylan didn't listen to him and recorded it on his album anyway. Von Ronk was furious and said he'd never play it again thinking he'd be like covering a Dylan's song. As a twist of fate it so happened that when the Animals made such a big hit of that song Dylan told Von Ronk that he'd stop to perform it live too.


    1 - You're No Good (Jesse Fuller)
    2 - Talkin' New York (Dylan)
    3 - In My Time of Dyin' (traditional)
    4 - Man of Constant Sorrow (traditional)
    5 - Fixin' to Die Blues (Bukka White)
    6 - Pretty Peggy-O (traditional)
    7 - Highway 51 Blues (Curtis Jones)
    8 - Gospel Plow (traditional)
    9 - Baby Let Me Follow You Down (traditional)
    10 - House of the Risin' Sun (traditional)
    11 - Freight Train Blues (traditional)
    12 - Song to Woody (Dylan)
    13 - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Blind Lemon Jefferson)

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