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    Beatles, The


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    Beatles, The Empty Beatles, The

    Message  bd le Sam 9 Oct - 23:20:20

    Band: The Beatles
    Album: Abbey Road

    Beatles, The Pbucket

    released: September 26 1969 (Apple)


    Look at the cover: the Beatles crossing Abbey Road, going to the studios. Did they know that this was going to be the last album they will ever record together? Yes they knew. "Abbey Road" is the last Beatles album.

    We are in 1969, and it's safe to say that at that stage, the Beatles were already half split. John Lennon wanted Allen Klein in as their manager but Paul was adamant. John was involved with his own band, 'The Plastic Ono Band' along with Yoko, Eric Clapton, Jim Gordon, Klaus Voorman.

    And Lennon, was also involved in a huge 'war is over' world peace campaign, he organized "happenings" with Yoko, (whom he had just married in Gibraltar) like the 'bed in' 'bed peace' in Toronto and Amsterdam.

    He recorded singles with his band, and had just released a live album from a rock festival in Toronto with the Plastic Ono Band.

    George Harrison too was playing with bands, and he even sponsored one which he had signed with 'Apple' the Radha Krishna Temple' and he had just signed James Taylor too.

    George was no longer happy with the Beatles and Paul McCartney's bossy ways; we wanted to record on his own, and his own songs and produce his own albums.

    see All Things Must Pass

    For Ringo, well he had already left the band the previous year, during the recording of the 'While Album' (and that's why Paul play drums on 'Back In The USSR').

    Ringo, contemplated a career in movies; cinema called him (he starred in the'magic Christian' the year after, and will continue all the 70's.) Let's note here that he'll be the one to arrange to have the three others recording on his best album 'Ringo' in 1973 but never the four of them on the same track.

    Paul McCartney, seemed to be the only one to want to keep the band alive but he obviously knew the task was becoming increasingly hopeless.

    If you have a look at the White Album, released the year before, it was Paul with the band, John with the band, George with the band. Abbey road, thanks to George Martin's production, will put them together on that mythic side B. Note that the stereo mix was made by the Beatles. Its has no mono mix at all in fact.

    Abbey Road's side one

    Come Together

    Come Together starts with it's "shoot me shoot me" (kind of spooky in retrospect) we are directly into that Lennon world with lyrics as only he could write.

    With Paul's elastic bass and George's subtle guitar, 'Come Together' is really one of the best Lennon song ever not to forget Billy "get back" Preston on keyboards

    That song will be "Abbey Road's" hit number.

    With the eight Ringo's drum beats and George's guitar intro of Something that's when I'd like to weep; not only because of George's demise but the incredible beauty of that song his voice had captured the kind of emotion needed , the chorus is just perfect and that little solo seems to say: "yes it's over but don't don't cry !

    Enter Paul, with one of those songs he seemed to enjoy to write for kids Maxwell Silver Hammer is in the same vein than Obladi Oblada' or even 'Yellow Submarine' which he wrote for Ringo. That song will introduce the use of a VC3 synthesizer; and in the 'Let it Be' movie,we can see Mal Evans banging that hammer not on Maxwell's head, but on an anvil.

    Paul will follow with Oh Darling when he tried to go Elvis, but only managed to be McCartney after all.He had a raucous voice on that one, and I've a got feeling that he thought that this number was going to be a hit.

    Ringo arrives with his Octopus's Garden so alive thanks to his singing and George's guitar and back vocals (they had written the song together he and Ringo)

    The intro riff of I Want You (she's So Heavy) will send us once again into that Lennon world; very bluesy, with it's modest lyrics, that track will close the side one, with that George riff scratched to the bone ! Not to forget Mr Billy Preston on Hammond organ. Such a great track.

    Abbey Road's side B

    Here Comes The Sun is here to warm our bones, George is in a very good mood, and his acoustic playing sounds like some kind of magic to my ears. It's a great moment of optimism as if everything was alright.

    Because and John send us back into his world and we are thrown deep into the Abbey Road's 'guts'. To me, that song, is one of the greatest musical treasure
    ever with the Heavenly melody and the "nine Beatles"

    You Never Give Me Your Money is when we get a glimpse of what Paul is going through with the band; he was supposed to be the "pseudo-leader".

    Since Brian Epstein's death. Apple was turning to be a kind of huge monster difficult to handle. George's Godly solo in the chorus makes of it a wonderful moment.

    The Meddley

    "1234567 all good children go to heaven" this announces the beginning of the end;

    Sun King brings back Lennon to the front and the blessing of that 'Beatle sound' That intro, still gives me goose pimples with all that simple perfection. Here, Lennon invents a new language that sounds like Spanish, but is not.

    When Mr Mustard comes out amid a Lennon/McCartney duo that reminds one of the good old day the listener is hypnotized.

    Polythene Pam to me is the heart of Abbey Road; the sanctum sanctorum of that world of sounds that feed such wonderful images to our minds.

    George is back with his Fender, and.. Oh ! Look out ! She Came In Through The Bathroom Window brings us back one real Paul McCartney with unconscious reminiscences of 'Sgt Pepper.

    Paul sings incredibly well here "she could steal, but she could nor rob"; the three seconds of silence, and the little mythical rock symphony will begin; Paul is at the peak of his art here with Golden Slumbers (a song he wrote long ago) the violins, the pianos oh my god, if there is a paradise, that must be it ...

    Carry That weight pure Beatles, with a melting pot , Paul is here with his 'You Never Give Me Your Money' melody. 'Carry That Weight', will give us the first and last Ringo's mini drum solo. Then came the three of them, for fantasic little guitar duel; George was the first, Paul second, and John came third.

    And in the end ...

    The End

    Yes ! The End! It was finished, it was over, the Beatles had said it all. What a glorious way to end a career; ' and in the end, the love you take is equal to the make..........Ah aaaaaaaaaaaaah !

    Her Majesty was this a joke from an engineer ? A mistake ? or Paul wanted the last word ? (he had it anyway) another one of those special Beatles secrets or mysteries.


    I really wonder if this was an unconscious 'goodbye' from the Beatles to the world; the sixties were at an end, the 'dream' was over, (like john will sing it in his first real solo album the year after) Anyway, Abbey Road marked the end of an era, and the beginning of another. Let It Be will be released the year after, but that was already of the past.

    Track list:
    1. Come Together
    2. Something
    3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    4. Oh! Darling
    5. Octopus's Garden
    6. I Want You (She's So Heavy)
    7. Here Comes the Sun
    8. Because
    9. You Never Give Me Your Money
    10. Sun King
    11. Mean Mr. Mustard
    12. Polythene Pam
    13. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
    14. Golden Slumbers
    15. Carry That Weight
    16. The End
    17. Her Majesty

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