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    The Beatles (1967) - Magical Mystery Tour


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    The Beatles (1967) - Magical Mystery Tour

    Message  andrea11 le Lun 29 Mar - 12:10:52

    The Beatles (1967) - Magical Mystery Tour

    Magical Mystery Tour was the first Beatles film project following the death of
    manager Brian Epstein in August 1967, and there has been much speculation that
    the absence of Epstein's judgement contributed to its undisciplined production,
    as seen, for instance, in the absence of a screenplay and professional direction.
    The film originally appeared twice on BBC-TV over the 1967 Christmas holidays (first
    in black and white, then in colour on BBC2), but was savaged by critics on its release;
    it was, however, noted by Steven Spielberg in film school (according to McCartney in
    one of the interviews for The Beatles Anthology: "I've read that people like him have
    sort of said, 'When I was in school that was a film we really took notice of...' like
    an art film, you know, rather than a proper film.)

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    Re: The Beatles (1967) - Magical Mystery Tour

    Message  bd le Mer 31 Mar - 21:52:13

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