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    Beatles - Rare Trax Vol. 01


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    Beatles - Rare Trax Vol. 01 Empty Beatles - Rare Trax Vol. 01

    Message  andrea11 le Jeu 16 Juil - 7:17:15

    Beatles - Rare Trax Vol. 01

    Beatles - Rare Trax Vol. 01 Beatlestrax01

    How these recordings came to fall into the hands of bootleggers still remains shrouded in mystery. The Ultra Rare bootlegs appear to have been made directly from tapes dubbed off the master tapes. Since the master tapes of these songs are still locked "safely" in the vault, it is clear that someone on the "inside" had to have assisted in their procurement. Paul McCartney suggested in a 1990 TV interview that engineers or even studio musicians working at the studio could have been involved. There was an attempted robbery in the late eighties at EMI/Abbey Road; however, it was (in McCartney's words) "so disorganized at EMI, the robbers couldn't find anything."

    Please remember that the tracks on these volumes that also appear on the official Beatles’ Anthology are the clean, unadulterated versions and not the remixed, re-edited George Martin clean-up job that was released by EMI. Every bum-note and cross-word is included in these fantastic bootlegs. This is how the Anthology should have really been, the bootleggers had somehow managed to pull off a better job than the so called professionals.

    Publisher: The Swingin' Pig
    Reference :TSP-CD-001
    Date :1988
    Made In :Luxembourg
    Quality :Ex-Stereo & Mono
    Booklet & packaging :Gate fold with good mainly accurate linear notes.
    Total duration: 33:07


    1) I Saw her Standing There
    Recorded on February 11, 1963 from "Please Please Me" session, continued from the warming-up, they start a great live performance in the studio. John makes a mistake with some lyrics and Paul makes a mistake with some bass lines. No echo effects.

    2) One After 909 (take 2)
    Recorded on March 5, 1963, from "From Me to You" session. Composed by John Lennon in late 50s ~ early 60s in the period of The Quarrymen (pre-Beatles). Released on LET IT BE Album in 1970, but this take is absolutely different.

    3) She's a Woman (take 2)
    Recorded in September ~ October 1964. No lead guitar, piano, or additional overdubbed vocals. No fade-out at the end. Very primitive version.

    4) I'm Looking Through You (Take 1)
    Recorded in October 1965, from "Rubber Soul" session. No chorus made yet. Beginning with percussion, vocals on single track. No fade out at end.

    5) If You've Got Troubles
    Previously unreleased song. Recorded in October 1965, from "Rubber Soul" session. Ringo Starr on lead vocals.

    6) How Do You Do It
    Previously unreleased song by the Beatles. Recorded on September 4th 1962, from "Please Please Me" session. Prepared as a second single, but never released.

    7) Penny Lane
    Recorded on December 29th 1966. Basically same version as on "Rarities" album, but including dialogue and Paul's count at the beginning. And absolutely different MONO MIX!

    Cool Strawberry Fields Forever
    They're two takes. The previously released version consists of take A&B with controlled speed, and it is also remixed. This version on this disc is take 2, with a different mix. Recorded in December 1966.

    9) From Me to You
    Recorded on March 4th-5th 1963, beginning with Paul's count "1,2,3,4!", no harmonica. Absolutely different.

    10) Besame Mucho
    Basically unreleased song, recorded on June 6th 1962, with Pete Best on Drums. A different take from the "Decca Tapes".

    11) The Fool on the Hill
    Recorded in September 1967. Demo version. Paul performs solo on the piano.

    12) Paperback Writer
    Recorded in April 1966. Beginning with Paul's count "1,2,3,4!" on the right channel. Same as the single, but different mix, no echo effects on vocals, and no fade-out at the end.

    Download Link: Code:

    Enjoy. Keep checking my posts. MORE TO FOLLOW.

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    Beatles - Rare Trax Vol. 01 Empty Re: Beatles - Rare Trax Vol. 01

    Message  bd le Lun 10 Aoû - 22:35:40


    One of the best Beatles Boot series ever.


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