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    The Beatles - Peter Sellers Tape


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    The Beatles - Peter Sellers Tape Empty The Beatles - Peter Sellers Tape

    Message  andrea11 le Jeu 16 Juil - 7:09:08

    The Beatles - Peter Sellers Tape(1968)
    The Beatles - Peter Sellers Tape 70crxf

    The Beatles - Peter Sellers Tape 14pc0y
    Track Listing

    1. Back In The USSR - Close to the rare Mono mix found on the equally rare mono offical release but the jet noises are different.

    2. Rock Raccoon - Again close to the rare Mono Mix but has chatter and unique sounds at the beginning.

    3. Wild Honey Pie - Again, early Mono Mix, close to finished mono product.

    4. Mother Nature's Son - Take 26, Mono mix, close to finished mono product.

    5. Sexy Sadie - Song is 40 seconds longer than released version.

    6. Don't Pass Me By - Major differences in this track. There is an extra verse plus long unique 'bravo ending' complete with clapping and dogs barking. Finally Ringo Shouts Out "I've Got Bli-----" Nope.... Ringo Shouts out "If you want to hear more you gotta turn the tape over!"

    7. Yer Blues - This is more of a medley than Yer Blues. It features a mix of Yer Blues - you can hear Ringo shouting encouragement about half way through. There are also sound effects similar to that found in Revolution 9 and an African children's choir.

    8. Good Night - Again, similar to the released version but there are a few major differences, first the already overly lush orchestration seems even more so, the song is shorter and has some children sound effects near the end.

    9. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey - Mono mix with count in, slightly different words and background vocals.

    10. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - A very interesting take that includes studio banter, a false start and the ending is also extended with John adding "thank you.....I'm sure"

    11. Blackbird - Lack of bird sound effects and Paul's voice is has extra echo.

    12. Not Guilty - This is reportedly take 102... not bad for a song that didn't make the record. There is a count-in heard and extra guitar rifts and solo is different. Also has a fake fade out and then the song continues.

    13. Peter Sellers Talks With The Beatles - This conversation was recorded during the Get Back Sessions


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